Transition to Spring - Skincare Routine

After months of snow and frigid temperatures, spring has finally sprung. We hope that winter has melted away, finally relieving us of that dull, dry, itchy, flaky skin we suffered from all winter. While we spent most of this winter isolated indoors, time was spent slathering on layers of serums protective oils and heavier moisturizers to keep us from drying up like a prune.

Warmer temperatures means we're eager to get outside. (Okay this was wishful thinking. The day I was writing this it was 65 degrees. This morning it had dropped down to 14 degrees. But, this will all change... right?) Anyway, spring will mean more sun exposure, increased oil production and increased humidity, which is great for dry skins, but not so welcome for others. The change in weather means your skin will feel a sudden shock. Sometimes that means increased breakouts. Clogged pores may have built up over the winter under layers of dry cells that have accumulated on the skin's surface. Increased oil production trapped inside the pores sometimes lead to breakouts or small white bumps on the skin some call milia. You might have succumbed to comfort foods over the winter that ultimately increased toxin levels in your skin. This shows up as dull, sluggish skin and sometimes blackheads. How then, to prep the face for sunnier days ahead? It's time to rethink your skincare routine, detoxify and boost your exfoliation program.