Sprouts (detoxifying masque)

SPROUTS by Elizabeth Renee is an active detoxifying masque created for those whose who want to purge toxins due to smoke, smog, air pollution, plane cabins or just staying inside and being exposed to stale air in.   SPROUTS: featuring liposomal form of garden cress sprouts penetrates skin easily to boost skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants.  The high levels of enzymes in garden cress sprouts stimulate the production of sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a top superfood  that not only detoxifies but effectively brightens the skin. Skin looks incredibly fresh and vital after just one treatment.


Sprouts (detoxifying masque)

  • Skin that is exposed to everyday pollutants or emotional stress is more prone to free radical damage from oxidative stress.  If your skin is looking dull or irritated you will benefit from the super nutrients found in this masque to recharge your skin.

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