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Revitalize Cell Therapy

Revitalize Cell Therapy


Our most advanced serum for mature skin. Designed to upregulate cell metabolism which declines with age.  Provides energizing antioxidants like niacinimide, astaxanthin and resveratrol to help restore skin's youthful glow.

  • Why you need it:

    ATP is the energy molecule of our cells. Unfortunately we lose energy over time. It's kind of like a car that's run our of gas. Going nowhere, your skin loses it's ability to repair itself, or even maintain normal metabolic functions that keep skin cells in homeostasis (a healthy balance). By the time you are 60 years old you only produce about half the energy you produced at 30. This means it takes longer for cell turnover to occur, giving free radicals the opportunity to create damage. Activate the youthful nature of your skin by addressing energy levels. With a loss of energy your stem cells tend to go to sleep over time. By waking up sleepy stem cells you energize the skin to repair damage in both the dermis and epidermis. In the epidermis it creates new surface cells for a smoother texture. In the dermis it helps collagen production, giving skin volume and enhanced firmness.

  • What's inside:

    • Renovage | Anti-senescence peptide scientifically proven to increase cellular lifespan. Within two weeks sensitivity is reduced, elasticity improves and signs of aging deminish. 
      Phyko AI-PF (Hydrolyzed Algin) | creates a revitalizing environment to awaken skin’s dormant stem cells; activates youthful firmness and smoother, healthier-looking skin. 
      Sakadikium (Hedychium Coronarium) | visibly brightens the skin, fades discolorations and diminishes yellowing from pollution, blue light and other poorly functioning autophagy.
      Aquaxyl™ | three simple sugars from plant fibers. This cell hydrator optimizes hydration deep within skin’s surface. 
      Arabidopsis Extract | contains enzymes that helps repair common forms of DNA damage. 
      Niacinamide | cell energizing molecule. This member of the Vitamin B3 family yields multiple skin benefits, including barrier repair, improved hydration, reduction in visible redness, pigmentation and signs of aging. 
      Resveratrol | a powerful antioxidant and SIRT1 booster - believed to protect against DNA damage, increasing cellular lifespan. 
      Astaxanthin | the most potent antioxidant carotenoid found to date. 1000 times more effective in protecting cell membranes and skin lipids than Vitamin E.  
      Ergothioneine | the cell’s principal energizing antioxidant, restores power to cells, quenching age-producing radicals and supporting cellular activities. 
      EGCG (Epigallocatechin Galltyl Glucoside) | one of green tea’s most active molecules, it has powerful antioxidant capacities and soothing properties. 
  • How to use it:

    The most effective way to use Revitalizing Cell Therapy is to use it every night on a freshly cleansed and toned skin, after exfoliation.  For best results pair it with STEM STIM Growth Factor Serum.  Apply STEM STIM first to get to the deepest layers.

    After double exfoliation and an application of STEM STIM growth factor serum,  add 2 pumps Revitalize Cell Therapy to help jumpstart repairative energy, which is so needed to encourage skin longevity for mature skin types.

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