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Time Turner Skin Therapy

Through four decades of experience with many different ingredients and spa treatments, I have gained the knowledge to create the most efficacious Skin Therapy treatment to bring about superior anti-aging results.

Some new facial modalities are just trends and other more effective procedures are here to stay. My journey has lead me to the perfect combination, resulting in the best techniques for exfoliation, increased penetration of anti-aging actives, super hydration, increased nutrition and oxygenation for the skin. Skin brightening is also of major importance as the effects of environmental stress shows up - even decades after sun exposure. And, let's not forget the most highly important aspect to be considered for mature skin. Stimulation of cellular energy to reactivate the repair and replacement capabilities of stem cells hiding in niches between cells in the basement layer of the epidermal as well as fibroblasts submerged on the dermis whose job it is to produce collagen, natural moisturizing factors and other components that insure a firm, healthy, younger looking dermis.

The Time Turner Deluxe Skin Therapy is a carefully constructed treatment that considers all of the special needs of maturing skin. So... special attention is given to ease the skin into an optimal repair mode without causing irritation or risk reactions.


Any good skin therapy starts the process with exfoliation (after the initial cleansing of course). Choosing the wrong peel, particle based microdermabrasion or other forms of exfoliation can often over exfoliate maturing skin leading to damage to the skin's protective barrier. This will make the whole rest of the treatment process more likely to cause the skin to become more reactive to actives (like Vitamin C or Retinol) and cause inflammation. I have found that mature skins respond best to a mild lactic acid peel combined with ultrasound based physical exfoliation. Lactic acid is a great peel that is also brightening and super hydrating. Still, skins that are very sensitive may not tolerate any type of alpha hydroxy acid peels. In this case an enzyme based peel is prefered.

Our Sonopeel uses ultrasound vibration to gently get under surface cells and lift them off after these cells have been loosened up by the initial lactic or enzyme based peel. This step alone brings about softer, smoother skin with increased hydration. I feel the exfoliating peel step is so vital to the success of the facial that I include a peel with every facial for - no extra charge. Many spas charge anywhere from $50 to $250 for this exfoliation step. But without it your the treatment will fall flat. Using a great peel to start off your skincare treatment, your skin is not only fresh and glowy but is now primed to accept the important actives to follow.

Collagen Induction

Microneedling is a popular trend right now for traumatizing the skin just enough to signal your skin to start a healing response. This can activate your fibroblasts to produce new collagen, soften lines and sometimes break up pigmentation. There are risks though to Microneedling. The primary risk is an inflammatory reaction to a topical serum used during the microneedling procedure that maybe shouldn't get that deep into your skin. Medical grade microneedling is still that - a medical procedure with risks. A common side effect or risk reported in literature is infection. For this reason it is imperative that the face be cleaned with antiseptic (alcohol or betadine) prior to treatment. In addition, small granulomas have been reported when the treatment has been performed with different serums that have active ingredients in high concentration - one of them being Vitamin C. Make sure the needles used are not too deep. For maturing skins (that tends to be a bit thinner) all you need are needles that are .25mm or less. However, there are other ways of getting actives into your skin without causing as much trauma or reactions.

A safer choice is to use Nano Needling. This is very safe and pain free. With Microneedling you need to apply a numbing cream first, and even with that the treatment tends to be pretty painful. Nano Needling is more a surface tool. Nano Infusion, otherwise known as nano-needling is an innovate, non-invasive transdermal serum delivery system designed to rejuvenate your skin and remedy many common issues like lack of tone, uneven texture, excessive pigmentation, scarring, and loss of elasticity. Instead of traumatizing the skin, the tiny little pyramid like needles separate cells in the stratum corneum so that important actives can get past the stratum corneum and be delivered deeper into the skin than just applying them manually. This treatment is painless and quite effective.

Important Actives

Okay, which actives should be applied once we've created a pathway for them to get deeper in the skin. We need to choose a lightweight serum that will activate those sleepy stem cells to start producing collagen again, as well as a smoother and more organized surface layer. The best way to do this is with a growth factor serum. If you use exosomes that come from mesenchymal stem cells and you get these superior charged actives past the skin barrier you will increase its activity potential by about 20 fold. The important point is that these exosomes are not stem cells themselves but chemicals produced by stem cells that are messenger chemicals. They talk to your own stem cells. They communicate the right messages to stimulate skin correction and repair. Stem Stim - our growth factor serum is wonderful when used at home but with Nano you will get that boost to take youthful glowing skin to the next level

An Energy Boost.

Fibroblasts as well as the stem cells hidden in the bottom layer of the epidermis do get sluggish over time. Another way to boost activity of fibroblasts is to cause a slight trauma via radio frequency heat waves which stimulate fibroblasts to go into repair mode. This is the premise for getting Microneedling but, alternatively you can achieve this repairing effect through RF (radio frequency) with no down time or risk. After Nano Needling is done, radio frequency can be applied to direct heat to the very specific depth in the dermis where fibroblasts are found. This too will cause the fibroblasts to start producing more collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other skin firming components for a healthy dermis.

Old Fashion Massage

Massage is still a vital step in a Time Turner Deluxe Therapy treatment. An expert esthetician will include steps in your massage that help nourish and hydrate your skin as well as increasing blood flow carrying precious nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Massage also helps with hydration, lymphatic drainage and in general, lowering skin compromising stress hormones. This is a step that should not be skipped.

Red Light LED

As I have said, fibroblast are the stem cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin. What allows fibroblasts to do their work is cellular energy. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy currency in cells that that allows this to happen. However, as we age, our fibroblasts only produce about half the ATP at age 60 then they did at age 30. That is why it takes so much longer for skin to heal. And may explain why we don't have enough energy in general. Our skin, lacking energy is why it becomes compromised resulting in lower levels of these proteins. We might start noticing decreased elasticity in our skin resulting in wrinkles, uneven texture and pigmentation spots. This is because lower levels of collagen lead to breakdowns in skin tissues which also cause inflammation. The best medical grade LED light treatments use a device that can reach the entire face, all at one time. Smaller, hand held LED devices just don't allow enough time to reach the entire face. This diminishes treatment results. That is why our medical grade band of red, infra red and amber lights in the correct nanometers direct this therapy to the depth of the skin where the fibroblasts reside, and is critical for an effective anti-aging energy boost.

A Calming Soothing Finish

Cold therapy should be that final step in your Skin Therapy Treatment. Cold Therapy, using a cold sheet mask (soaked in the appropriate activities for your skin type) applied with cold globes or cold ultrasound will help calm inflammation. Inflammation is a driver of pro-aging cytokines and should be addressed in an effective skin therapy. Also cold therapy is very beneficial for promoting autophagy. Autophagy (which literally means self eating) is the breakdown of zombie-like senescent cells that seem to just hang around in your skin, promoting inflammation and aging. These cells need to be digested and removed to prevent damage from further spreading to healthy cells. This is why washing daily (usually in the morning) with cold water can be helpful from an anti-aging skin autophagy perspective.

An oxygen Infusion Spray

Antioxidants protect skin from environmental agers. Certain antioxidants have polyphenols which are not only protective but are great at calming inflammation. An oxygen spray helps kill surface bacteria, hydrates and calms redness. Combining these two helps leave your skin fresh, calm and comfortable after this ultimate anti-aging experience.

Follow-Up Care

Skin Therapy should be done about once a month for best results. Don't ignore what has to be done at home to enhance and maintain the results. Effective at home care should include:

Elizabeth believes in "Longevity Skincare", the idea that beautiful skin can endure throughout one's lifetime when utilizing the best that science and nature has to offer. LONGEVITY is a science-based skincare line that appreciates skin of all ages. LONGEVITY by Elizabeth Renee provides hydration, nutrition and protection from environmental aging. Your skin will receive high performance ingredients to help energize and repair its cells, resulting in a healthy skin with an enduring, vital glow.

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