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Level Up

Level Up


An advanced Vitamin A exfoliant based on the superior results from retinaldehyde over retinol. Delivers superb anti-aging effects by reorganizing cell layers and stimulating collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Who should use it:

    Ready to level up?  The retinol in Level Up is more concentrated than in our Retinol Resurfacing Treatment.  It is still gentle and time released for better efficacy but this formula is the next step for retinol users after they've used Retinol Resurfacing for a while. Retinaldehyde is 11 times more effective than retinol at targeting signs of aging skin and research shows it significantly improves texture, increases hydration, reduces transepidermal water loss and improves hyperpigmentation.

  • Why you need it:

    Level Up is perfect for lifing brown spots, smoothing the skin's surface and reducing the look of lines and wrinkles while also reducing pore size. 

    Level Up was formulated for those skin types who have become complacent with their starter retinol formula. Sensitive skin types should continue using that starter formula. Level Up however, is an exceptional serum which incorporates a synergy of anti-aging actives and contains 0.4% stable, time-released retinol to engage the retinol receptors for 8 hours at night while you sleep.

    Retinol refines the surface layers of the epidermis giving skin a nice, smooth, even texture. The thickening properties of retinol in the dermis encourages skin firming collage, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other extracellular components to strengthen and firm the skin.

  • What's inside:

    • Retinaldehyde | with its patented delivery system, provides a ‘reservoir’ of retinaldehyde for gentle, sustained delivery. Retinaldehyde is  the most  easily converted form of retinol  to retinoic acid without causing inflammation - 0.4% (a pure and bio-active form of Vitamin A) repairs visible damage while reducing the look of wrinkles and large pores. It is one of the few ingredients that has actual receptors in the skin, making it exceptionally active. It's a bottom up exfoliant which means it filters down through the skin to stimulate new cell production. As these new cells rise up they push off older, imperfect cells. At the same time retinol stimulates regeneration of the dermis.
    • Matrixl Synthe’6 - One of the most current and effective versions of collagen building peptides. It encourages tighter, firmer skin by strengthening chain links that hold skin layers together.
    • Licorice Root Extract- One of its components, known as glabridin, is a potent antioxidant and skin-soothing ingredient, which is why licorice often shows up in products to mediate possible sensitivities and redness.
  • How to use it:

    This formula is recommended at night with the goal of using it three times a week. It should be used on a freshly cleansed and toned skin. For increased potency apply a pea size amount while skin is still damp. Alternating Level Up with an AHA serum (Getting Even or Boost) will offer the best brightening effect for your skin. Wait at least one minute before applying a Longevity Serum (AGELESS, Revitalize Cell Therapy or Stem Stim) and then moisturizer. When using retinol, It is important to use sunscreen daily.

    Important note:  Since the new Level Up contains more Vitamin A it is now a yellowsh color.  Work the formula into your skin and wait a couple of minutes before applying your next Longevity Serum.  It is recommended to wait 20 minutes before retiring to avoid leving yellow pigment on your pillow case.

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