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So You have Lackluster Skin?

7 Reasons Why Your Skin is Looking Dull:

There are several reasons why your skin can look old, tired, or dull. From a lack of hydration to simply overworking your skin with unnecessary products. Here is a convenient checklist for you to fix that lackluster complexion once and for all.

Even at the height of summer, when your skin should be bronzed, healthy, and glowing, you might notice that your skin looks a little dull. There are several causes for tired and dull skin, from environmental factors to lifestyle choices. We'll discuss a few of the most common reasons why your skin looks older and more tired—as well as some tips for getting your vibrant skin back. 


1. You're Dehydrated

Healthy skin starts with hydration. If you're not drinking enough water, especially in hot weather (or in air conditioning) your skin will start looking dull or pale. And if you're chronically dehydrated, you could be developing deep dehydration which contributes to deeper lines and wrinkles. Dehydration starts in the surface layers but when left untreated dehydration goes deeper. At that point skin cells die prematurely, leaving you with a dull, tired complexion. So, go fill up your water bottle and try to drink at least eight cups of water per day. Drinking water is not the complete answer to your dehydration problems (many of us just run to the bathroom more often) but its a good place to start. Try drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning to help detoxify your gut. This will help minimize breakouts and for some people it helps lessen microbiome disturbances that contributes to inflamaging. Lemon water also gives you a little boost of Vitamin C which is an essential component for making collagen. I love my Soda Stream to make carbonated lemon water. In summer I also hydrate by eating water rich fruits like watermelon. At the end of doing each Skin Therapy treatment I always offer my clients a glass of lemon water to drink while we discuss best homecare strategies. I try to match the water my clients are drinking with one for myself.

2. You're Forgetting to Exfoliate

Dead skin cells accumulate in a layer on the top of your skin, giving your face an ashen look. The best way to eliminate these dead skin cells is to exfoliate. If you've been skipping this step in your skincare routine or aren't exfoliating often enough, it could be causing your skin to look dull and tired. I recommend using a retinoid three or more times a week alternating with an alpha hydroxy acid a couple times a week. This offers you the chance to clear away those dull surface cells and reveal the beautiful skin underneath. Of course you should discuss frequency and strength of these products with your esthetician to discover the best formula for your skin type. In addition to removing dead skin cells from the surface, exfoliating your skin helps other products work more effectively. Instead of serums and creams simply sitting on top of your skin, they actually penetrate deeper and are fully absorbed.

3. You're Not Moisturizing Enough

Dryness causes dull skin. An easy fix is adding a moisturizing regimen to your skincare routine. The drier your skin the more emollients should be incorporated in your moisturizing formula. Even oily and combination skins can be lacking in water. For light weight hydration you might consider Moisture C. The added Vitamin C helps brighten the skin which increases your glow. Dry skin can get glowing skin by boosting the barrier that is responsible for holding water in the skin. Intensive Lipid Repair helps boost your moisture barrier for even the driest skins. Hyaluronic Acid is a great oil free humectant that holds up to 1000x's its weight in water. While helpful in moisturizers it is most effective when found in an a serum. Usually the serum will contain higher concentrations of this super hydrating ingredient. You can also reach for hydrating face masks. Remember that clay masks and other drying face masks can be dehydrating as they draw water out of the skin while they dry on the skin. The most hydrating masks are gel masques. For super hydration consider a Skin Therapy facial treatment which will give your skin an extra dose of long lasting hydration.

4. You're Feeling Stressed

When you're stressed, it causes your body's levels of the hormone cortisol to increase. You may remember this from my previous post. Stress contracts capillaries that then affect the blood flow to your skin which results in dullness and dehydration. While you can't wave your stress away with a magic wand, taking time for self care to help you to relax lowers stress hormones. Try destressing with yoga, mindfulness techniques like meditation, even a bubble bath can help you de-stress. Regular self care like professional skin treatments will result in brighter, more radiant skin.

5. You're Not Getting Enough Shut-Eye

Whether you're having trouble sleeping because you're stressed or can't resist an after-dinner latte, your lack of sleep could show up in your skin. Your skin and body needs sleep for skin repair and cell regeneration. And if you're not sleeping, you're missing out on that. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and add in a moisturizing collagen-boosting sleeping masque to get the most out of your time asleep. Our Good Nite sleeping mask rehydrates, conditions dry skin and helps build a better moisture barrier layer.

6. You're Not Protecting Your Skin From a Harmful Environment

Air pollution and UV exposure can also cause unprotected skin to look dull. Make sure that you're applying sunscreen every day of at least 30 SPF to prevent dullness, fine lines, and dark spots as well as preventing DNA damage to skin cells to keep skin functioning at optimum performance. Antioxidants like Vitamin C can add another layer of daytime protection, too. And at night, make sure you thoroughly wash your face to prevent clogged pores from any pollution in the air. If you wear makeup or sunscreen during the day a double cleans is recommended. If you follow cleansing with a toner and the cotton pad is stained with makeup guess what? You need to double cleans to make sure your skin is really clean. Otherwise those treatment products you use at night will be blocked from penetrating into the skin and doing their magic.

7. Your Skin Texture Is Uneven

If you're moisturizing and exfoliating but feel like your skin is still looking dull, you might be dealing with uneven skin texture. Smooth, even toned skin is better at reflecting light, giving it a bright, hydrated appearance. Sadly, the same isn't true for textured skin. Consider a professional peel or a gentle smooth surfaced scrub used weekly along with other exfoliating serums for brightening and Retexturizing your skin.

Combat Dull Skin And Get Glowing!

Now that you know what's causing your skin to look tired and dull, you can make a few changes and get the radiant skin you want. With a few adjustments and the right skincare products, you'll be well on your way to glowing, youthful skin!

Elizabeth believes in "Longevity Skincare", the idea that beautiful skin can endure throughout one's lifetime when utilizing the best that science and nature has to offer. LONGEVITY is a science-based skincare line that appreciates skin of all ages. LONGEVITY by Elizabeth Renee provides hydration, nutrition and protection from environmental aging. Your skin will receive high performance ingredients to help energize and repair its cells, resulting in a healthy skin with an enduring, vital glow.


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