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Guard Against Dry Winter Skin During the Coziest Time of the Year

Updated: Feb 1

It may sound strange but I'm a winter kind of person. I don't ski or do any type of down hill sports but for me winter brings a special kind of magic that I truly enjoy. I really love to bundle up in my long Canada Goose down parka and take a walk through a beautifully enchanted winter wonderland. Hopefully we get the chance to experience that this year.

Fun in the Snow

Since we have officially entered the coziest time of year, after my morning walk, all I want to do is cuddle up with a good book and sit by a toasty fire. Whether it’s sitting by the fire, wearing a comfy sweater or wrapping myself up in my coziest blanket, this is the time of year where comfort always seems to come first. Don't you love that too? In honor of this cozy time, I’ve paired some top skin care picks based on some of the best ways to find comfort in winter and guard against that dreaded winter dry skin.


Before I leave the house I always make sure to apply a few drops of Environmental Protection. This is the perfect wintertime product. Environmental Protection doesn't just protect you from the cold winter air outside, it's sure to save your skin from the dry air that pulls moisture right out of it. Your home heating system creates an arid environment that rivals the Mojave Desert. Environmental Protection harnesses the soothing and protective qualities of Evening Primrose and Borage Seed Oils, creating an emollient layer that seals in moisture as it safeguards against irritants in the environment. As an aside, Environmental Protection creates a smooth as glass finish over your foundation that softens lines and helps correct textural imperfections.


One thing you’re going to end up doing if you’re reading by candlelight alone is straining your eyes. Especially if you're reading on your phone. For me, my Kindle is my best friend for nightly reading. Because it's self lit I don't have to wake up my partner by turning on the light by my nightstand. But, if you're planning on doing a lot of fireside reading this winter make sure you have the perfect product to protect your eyes at night. Regenerize Longevity Eye Serum targets signs of eye aging including fine lines and crow’s feet as well as dehydration, dark circles and sagging. It does this by strengthening the eye area using specific architectural peptides that step up firmness and the skin's ability for a springy bounce back effect.


As much as I love a good sweater, it doesn't protect you from the dehydration that occurs in winter. While Environmental Protection creates a shield that prevents water loss in your skin you'll also need something that draws moisture from the deeper layers and initially from water that feeds your skin via your circulation. A humectant serum based on hyaluronic acid will do the trick. We have two that I love the most. First, Hydraessence is a simple serum based on hyaluronic acid and soothing botanicals. Its sole purpose is to grab onto moisture and hold it in the skin. It works well by itself in summer but needs an emollient layer applied over it in winter. Stem Stim is a more advanced serum based on a stem cell media that helps signal skin to go into repair mode and is mostly used at night. It also has an abundant concentration of hyaluronic acid which should be applied under an emollient moisturizer or serum to hold that moisture in the skin and prevent dehydration.


To avoid the reality of all the crazy things going on in the world today some of us escape through binge watching on TV. But what's really scary are the reactive skin irritations that occur in winter when our skin is that much more vulnerable. Skin irritation is something we definitely want to avoid while we’re bundling up. Many skin irritations occur from having a compromised barrier. That means your skin is lacking the natural lipids that form in-between the very surface layer of the skin called the stratum corneum. If your skin is more reactive this time of year you may want to consider Quell, a super effective barrier repair serum. I like placing this serum over a humectant like Hydraessence morning and night. Ceramides and niacinamide found in this formula help rebuild the barrier layer. You may also consider cutting back on using exfoliating acids and Vitamin C this time of year.


Nothing beats wrapping yourself up in your favorite cozy blanket for a night in when the weather gets particularly temperamental. The only thing that can make this feeling better is pairing it with a overnight sleeping masque which is super emollient and skin conditioning. Our Good Nite Sleeping Mask with shea butter and moisture filled liquid crystals helps restructure and re-compact surface layers. This leads to increased softness, strength and elasticity you'll surely feel by morning. This is a client favorite in winter.


Don’t even get me started on the sweet treats that create havoc with our just made New Years resolution to eat healthy. From sipping hot cocoa to baking cookies, you want to make sure you’re balancing out sugar consumption (unchecked glycation) in the skin. AGELESS Longevity Serum contains a special red algae that provides protection against Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). This type of aging, due to an over consumption of carbohydrates, allows sugar molecules to attach to collagen fibers - triggering a rigidity that leads to dullness and wrinkles.

Hope this article helps you make long-lasting New Year's resolutions that you can keep.

Elizabeth of Longevity Skincare

Elizabeth believes in "Longevity Skincare", the idea that beautiful skin can endure throughout one's lifetime when utilizing the best that science and nature has to offer. LONGEVITY is a science-based skincare line that appreciates skin of all ages. LONGEVITY by Elizabeth Renee provides hydration, nutrition and protection from environmental aging. Your skin will receive high performance ingredients to help energize and repair its cells, resulting in a healthy skin with an enduring, vital glow.

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