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Give yourself a spa facial from the comfort of your own home. Two step exfoliation removes the accumulation of dead dry cells that dull your dry skin.  It provides a smoother, softer skin. Conditioned stem cell media is a highly effective way of signaling cells hidden in the niches of your skin to rev up repair and rejuvenation. A cerimide rich overnight sleeping mask is applied, offering long term touchable texture that relieves the discomfort of dry skin. This is the answer to getting your dry skin under control throughout the winter. 

  • This At Home Facial Kit includes:


    Step 1: CRÈME FRAÎCHE - Take about a nickel size amount. Apply it on dry skin.  Massage gently for about 30 seconds.  Wet fingertips and massage in again adding a bit more water as you go.  Rinse well with twarm water. You may need to do a double cleans if wearing foundation.  A baby wash cloth can help this process.  Rinse and pat dry.

    Step 2: Rainwater Moisture Mist - Spritz a little on your face to dampen and add a layer of hydration to your skin.  Spritz on a cotton pad and wipe to remove drying minerals from the tap water. Leave skin slightly moist.

    Step 3: BOOST -  This hydrating lactic acid based peel helps dissolve the bonds between dead, dry suface cells for to allow for effective  exfoliation.  This leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh. Apply a thin layer over your face and leave on for 3 - 5 minutes depending on sensitivity levels. Avoid the eye area. For enhanced exfoliation leave the peel on when you apply the next step.

    Step 4: Papaya Enzyme Buffing Beads - This smooth surfaced scrub combined with a base layer of BOOST offers results that are comparible to many in-spa peels for your skin type.  Apply a small amout right over the BOOST and rotate over the skin for about a minute.  Rinse well.

    Step 5: Stem Stim Growth Factor Serum – As time marches on stem cells in your skin fail to receive the correct chemical messages to jumpstart repair. Apply 3-5 drops over your freshly exfoliated skin to gain high powered longevity for your skin.

    Step 6: Good Nite Sleeping Mask – Smooth on about three times the amount you would if using a night cream.  This ceramide rich formula bathes your skin in skin softening and retexturizing emollients that condition your skin and encourge barrier repair.



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