Perfect Hand Care for Winter

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to keep our faces in tiptop shape, but hands need special care too. This is especially true in winter where the cold and lack of moisture in the air combined with dry indoor heating can take a toll on your hands. Adding insult to injury, there is all that hand washing and sanitizer required during the time of Covid-19.

There are habits you can adopt that will definitely make a difference for the health of your hands. Plus, a little night time treatment before bed will dramatically change the condition of your hands when done consistently.

Wash with Detergent Free Soap

You can still get clean hands and wash away most bacteria without rubbing your hands raw. Deodorant soaps are the biggest offenders because they are so alkaline. They severely damage your skin's protective barrier. This makes skin more vulnerable to germs getting through. Regular soap can be almost as bad. Using a soapless soap like the ones that contains coconut derived surfactants can be just as effective as harsh soaps for removing germs without damaging your skin. The key when washing your hands is the rubbing. It's not soap alone that kills the germs but the friction of lathering and washing away the organisms that makes hand washing effective. Washing with soap has been shown to be better than washing with water alone because it loosens the germs’ ability to grip onto hands, making bacteria more easily rinsed away.