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Do You Need A Sleeping Masque?

Beyond night cream an overnight sleeping masque offers some unique benefits for your skin to help keep your face looking and feeling soft, smooth, plump, and healthy.

Overnight face masks are designed to prolong your skin’s health and beauty and yet still be easy to use. When I first heard the term overnight sleeping mask, I thought of a clay masque that you slather on and then try your hardest not to roll over during the night and get it all over your pillow. Or, something that dried super crunchy, which would definitely keep me awake all night. In reality, an overnight sleeping mask is sort of a glorified, heavy-duty moisturizer designed to be applied at bedtime and left on overnight to soak up all of it’s goodness into your skin, doing its beauty thing all night long.

Sleeping masques are designed to not only reinforce your skincare regime, but to really give a boost of added overnight deep hydration. While the term “mask” tends to invoke visions of thick, putty-like creams, these “nightcream like” formulas feel really comfortable on the skin when worn by the right skin types.

Why Use a Sleeping Mask?

While at first glance, sleeping masks are similar in idea to a nighttime moisturizer, the truth is they’re not exactly the same. They’re frequently paired with strong high performance ingredients that can help to really revive and refresh your skin. These are typically formulated in higher concentrations so they tend to have better efficacy than night creams.

At Elizabeth Renee, one of our most popular masques is our GOOD NITE sleeping masque. A hybrid sleeping masque and moisturizing crème that infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants as it delivers maximum hydration and encourages skin’s barrier restoration upon application and while you sleep. This masque also detoxifies your skin, removing pollution and impurities overnight, helping to restore a well-rested, renewed glow by morning.

GOOD NITE is infused with liquid crystals that create a protective barrier, locking in vital moisture and encouraging repair while you sleep. It is uniquely formulated with detoxifying micro greens that enhance cellular resistance and promote the elimination of environmental toxins. Sea Buckthorn is a super-fruit rich in barrier-replenishing omega fatty acids, which keeps skin looking fresh and feeling healthy while Black Raspberry supports skin’s suppleness and provides potent antioxidant protection.

Applied at the end of your nighttime skincare ritual, a sleeping mask can help form a seal over your face, locking in everything that needs to penetrate. While that sounds like it’s pretty heavy, sleeping masks tend not to be as greasy as night creams, actually leaving less mess on your pillow. You may not realize it, but things happen while you sleep. Your skin makes good use of that time to replenish, repair, and rebuild itself. Using a sleeping mask is a great way to help your skin utilize that time and energy by providing it with the extra help it needs.

Who Should Use It?

This luxurious crème textured sleeping masque is a great tool for dry, dehydrated, or maturing skin types. It is not the perfect choice for oilier or problem skins. Check out our SKIN TYPES page for the best suggestions for your unique skin type.

How Should You Use a Sleeping Mask

Don’t throw your favorite night cream away just yet. It still definitely has it's place in your routine. Your night cream should still be your daily go-to for overnight hydration. A sleeping mask is a little more of a “special occasion” type of product, only to be used once or twice a week.

Because of its potency, sleeping masks have too much punch to use every day. Except in the instance of extremely dry skin. Instead, look to use a sleeping mask the night before a big day. Most of my clients use GOOD NITE twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday nights as part of their home facial routine.

Facial Routine:

Start with good exfoliation. Apply an exfoliating acid like GETTING EVEN for 5 minutes. You can remove it by rinsing it off or using a smooth surfaced scrub right over the exfoliant, if you’re not too sensitive. This is a perfect time to apply your favorite anti-aging serums like STEM STIM or REVITALIZE CELL THERAPY because your sleeping masque will push those actives deep in your skin. Apply your sleeping masque. Wait 20 minutes before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning as usual and go about with the rest of your daily routine. ,

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Elizabeth Renee
Elizabeth Renee
Nov 17, 2020

Thanks Jane for commenting on the Good Nite Mask. It's one of my favorite products. It looks like you are using it just the right way by exfoliating first. You might even try a repair serum underneath the mask to increase its efficacy.

I appreciate your comment. I hope to hear from others who have questions about their skin. Please pose your questions and I will offer my 42 years experience as a master esthetician, spa owner, educator and product formulator to supply you with best solutions for keeping your skin healthy, young and vibrant throughout all the stages of your life.


I have been using Good Nite sleeping mask for a few years. I'm in my early 60s and have maturing skin that gets dehydrated. At first, I was skeptical that this product would make a significant difference in my skin overnight. I typically use it once a week after I exfoliate my skin with the papaya beads of maybe a little lactic acid. I have noticed quite an improvement in my skin especially over time. It is softer, more hydrated, and I can visibly see less lines. This product is luxurious and absorbs right into your skin. It's not messy or sticky and feels comfortable to sleep in. It's one of my secret weapons and special treats I give …

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