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When You Can't Get To The Spa

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Your skin likes little shocks. A bit of exfoliation, active cell stimulants and a deep cleansing or a drenching moisture masque is just what you need to stimulate your skin to jump into repair mode.

When we can’t get to that spa for a deep pore cleansing facial or a super hydrating, antioxidant rich, anti-aging facial there are things we can do at home that will keep our skin soft, healthy and glowing. First of all, don’t give up on your daily routine. These extra stressful times can play havoc with your skin. Daily routines which include; cleansing, toning, serums and moisturizers are a must if you want to save your skin for the future. If you’re not sure which products to make a priority consider booking a virtual consultation with Elizabeth at During your appointment she will look at your skin (via Skype or Facetime) and offer you practical, expert recommendations. In the meantime, you can turn your skincare routine up a notch with a customized “At Home Facial.” This should hold you over until you are able to return to our spa.

Step I. EXFOLIATION: Most of my clients currently do exfoliating treatments on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The thickness and sensitivity of your skin will determine the number of times you should repeat this treatment each week. If you have thinner, delicate, or sensitive skin just do this once a week. If you have thicker, tougher or resistant skin you can add a third “At Home Facial” over the weekend. Normally it takes about four weeks for new epithelial (surface) skin cells to go through their life cycle and reach the surface of the skin. When you have younger skin this process works like clockwork. As you age the clock slows down. The sluggish surface cells of mature skin become dull, dehydrated and less light reflective. These are the qualities the world will see if you allow these cells to remain. When surface cells are sloughed off they send a signal to cells at the base of the epidermis to rev up production of newer, fresher keratinocyte skin cells. The result is smoother, glowing skin. Exfoliation can be done in several ways including scrubs, retinol and acids. I’m really partial to AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). They penetrate deeper which makes them much more effective exfoliants. AHAs also have other skin benefits depending on the AHA formula you choose.

ACIDS GLYCOLIC ACID is probably your best choice for clogged pores because this alpha hydroxy acid has the smallest molecules, so it penetrates the deepest. This loosens dead cells, dirt and oil. LACTIC ACID is particularly good for brightening uneven pigmentation and has a wonderfully hydrating effect on dry skin. SALICYLIC ACID (really a BHA) is the most disinfecting for problem skin, breakouts and the stain left behind after the blemish has healed.

Our most popular AHA formula is GETTING EVEN which is a perfect blend of these AHAs along with anti-inflammatory antioxidants. If you have resistant skin you’ll get more powerful exfoliation choosing POWER BOOST, a spa strength lactic acid home peel.

SCRUBS If you don’t have particularly sensitive skin you might want to boost that AHA exfoliation by immediately following it with a scrub. The key here is to only use smooth surfaced particles (like plant ivory) that can roll over your skin without causing tiny abrasions that compromise your skins protective barrier. PAPAYA ENZYME BUFFING BEADS is our most popular scrub for a home facial. Although, my personal favorite, which I use for my own skin, is ECOSMOOTH which gives slightly deeper exfoliation. If you’re sensitive you should skip the physical exfoliant altogether, and probably the AHAs as well. Opt for particle free enzymes in a gentle cream exfoliant like TROPICAL ENZYME SMOOTHING PEEL. This Formula uses gentle natural enzymes like papain (from papayas) and bromelain (from pineapples) to dissolve the bonds that stick those dead surface cells together; thus giving you fresher skin without the irritation.

Step II. TREATMENT: Exfoliation is an important first step for any “At Home Facial” as it clears the pathway for important actives to penetrate deeper into your skin. Without exfoliation those powerful and more expensive serums will never get through the surface barrier layers. At this point you can choose to hydrate, clear pores, detoxify or introduce powerful antioxidants by applying a treatment serum. Each serum at Elizabeth Renee contains specific active ingredients that will promote positive results for an improved complexion. A generous layer of HYDRAESSENCE is the perfect choice for rehydrating tight, dry, dehydrated skin. It employs optimal amounts of the super humectant – hyaluronic acid. Hydraessence can be easily mixed into other serums for a customized skin clearing, calming or ant-aging formula. CLEAR SKIN SOLUTION is a good choice for problem skins as this anti-bacterial formula also lightens posts inflammatory hyperpigmentation (stains left behind from past breakouts). There are two main groups of ingredients that pack a powerful punch in regards to anti-aging: antioxidants and cell regulators. Antioxidants like Vitamin C in C & E ANTIOXIDANT SERUM and antioxidant rich superfoods found in SUNRISE SOLUTION. These should be applied every morning to protect your skin from the environmental agers you encounter during the day. Cell regulators provide essential molecules that reactivate sleepy stem cells in your skin to boost cell metabolism, jumpstarting repair and encouraging skin to act like a younger version of itself. I believe the most powerful anti-aging home facial includes a layer of STEM STIM – GROWTH FACTOR SERUM followed by a layer of REVITALIZE CELL THERAPY. STEM STIM is our most effective serum to date as a longevity serum. It’s the perfect combination of peptides, growth factors and cytokines to stimulate repair. It also includes hyaluronic acid for hydration and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (a stabilized form of Vitamin C) to enhanced collagen production. These molecules need to get deep down into your skin to do their work. So, they should always be applied first, before any other treatment products. REVITALIZE CELL THERAPY is a highly studied anti-aging formula that, among other things, includes an ingredient called ergothioneine (from mushrooms). With age, energy declines. By the time you turn 60 your cells are producing only about half the energy needed for growth and repair then you did at age 30. Ergothioneine, the cell’s principal energizing antioxidant, restoring power (ATP) to cells, quenching age-producing free radicals and supporting cellular activities for detoxification to enhance the production of youthful proteins. Applying a generous layer of both these formulas gives spa like support to your skin from the ease and comfort of home.

Step III. THE MASQUE Just like a spa facial we like to finish with a masque. Our most popular mask is our AZULENE SOOTHING MASQUE. This non-drying masque is great for soothing dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. For problem skin I suggest CLEAR COMFORT MASK. This gentle anti-bacterial mask soothes the skin to reduce inflammation and encourage healing. Because it’s non-drying it doesn’t add to that hardened layer that traps in oil and contributes to breakouts. You’ll want to remove these masques after 15-20 minutes with a slightly warm wash cloth. Finish by toning, moisturizing and spot treating blemished spots. My absolute favorite masque for dry or maturing skin is GOOD NITE sleeping masque. It’s an overnight masque that works it’s magic while you sleep. It acts as is a great vehicle to further penetrate those anti-aging treatment formulas. You apply it like a night cream, only using about three times what you normally use for night cream. Wait 20 minutes for the mask to absorb before going to bed. The masque conditions and softens your skin while it hydrates. In the morning you’ll discover wonderfully smooth, comfortable, vibrant skin.

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