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Ginseng Tea Facial Rinse

Ginseng Tea Facial Rinse


Ginseng Facial Rinse by Elizabeth Renee is an energy boosting toner that deeply hydrates and instantly brightens dull, tired skin so it appears healthier and beautifully radiant.

  • Who needs it:

    Sometimes skin looks like it's lost its luster. This can be caused by many reasons.  One reason you should consider is the lack of circulation of the tiny capillaries that feed your skin.  If you feel your skin is dull for this reason then Ginseng is the perfect ingredient to add to your regime.

  • Why you need it:

    Ginseng Facial Rinse is an invigorating, non-drying toner, perfect for dull, tired skin that needs a pick-me-up. It refreshes and stimulates your skin while removing cleansing residue and provides a brighter, healthier, more radiant complexion.   Ginseng's coffee-like energizing factors will help brighten and revitalize your complexion.  Hyperpigmentation can be softened as Ginseng helps inhibit melanin (pigment) production. The antioxidants in ginseng also help fight environmental pollutants that are too easily absorbed through the skin; accumulating in pores and stimulating the melanocytes that lead to brown spots. Ginseng acts as a shield against them.  If sensitive skin is your worry, ginseng's natural anti-inflammatory properties help quell redness and puffiness. 

  • What's inside:

    • Ginseng Extract - If fine lines and wrinkles are your focus, ginseng helps boost the circulation of skin's smallest blood vessels, in turn ramping up the synthesis of collagen.  Its antioxidant properties protect your skin from free radicals and other environmental aggressors that could trigger the formation of fine lines, wrinkles.  For those dealing with dullness, ginseng's coffee-like energizing factors will help brighten and revitalize your complexion.
    • Chestnut, Pine and Lemongrass Extracts - promote healthy circulation.
    • Kiwi Extract - hydrates as it provides high levels of Vitamin C
  • How to use:

    Spritz Ginseng Facial Rinse over your face. Saturate a cotton pad with toner and swipe over the skin.  Follow with treatment products and moisturizer.  For best results apply treatment products while your skin is still a bit damp from your toner. Use both day and night for best results.

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