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Clean & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Clean & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover


Clean & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover by Elizabeth Renee is a micellar water formula that easily wisks away eye makeup (and all your makeup) in a gentle swipe. It's benefits go way beyond your typical micellar water.  It features mushroom extracts that effectively quell irritation and redness to normalize hyperactive skin.  Clean & Gentle is a cleansing water with powerful cleansing micelles that act like magnets to trap impurities and pollutants as well as makeup, then gently lifts them away without irritation.  



  • Who needs it:

    Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is the an oil-free remover that won't upset  sensitive eyes. It easily removes makeup without leaving a greasy residue or blurring vision.

  • Why you need it:

    As eye makeup formulas have changed over the years, they stay in place longer but they are harder to remove. Use this oil free product and avoid waking up with raccoon eyes in the morning.

    Clean & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover features a soothing mushroom extract which regulates the synthesis of signaling proteins to reduce the inflammatory response and sensitive skin. It also helps reduce UV induced inflammation, skin sensitivity, and irritation due to chemical and physical irritants. This soothing mushroom extract virtually eliminates uncomfortable cosmetic reactions and cosmetic intolerance.  This soothing formula cleans and revives a tired complexion while keeping the skin feeling clean, calm, and hydrated.

  • What's inside:

    • Cleansing Micelles | tiny molecules that grab onto and trap unwanted makeup, sebum, pollution, and dirt, gently lifting them away without irritating the skin
    • Soothing Mushroom Extract | bio-activated extract of Cordyceps Sinensis and Trametes Versicolor Mushrooms, designed to reduce both short and long term skin irritation and redness; dramatically reduces Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome (CIS) by normalizing hyperactive skin in susceptible individuals; reduces skin sensitivity and irritation due to chemical and physical irritants and virtually eliminates uncomfortable cosmetic reactions
    • BioFermented Polysaccharides | combine superb soothing, protective, anti-microbial and sensorial modulation activity, allowing the skin to look calmer, feel more pleasant to the touch and become better protected against microbial invasion and environmental and inflamm’aging; minimizes redness and irritation caused by physical and chemical aggression
    • Trehalose | nature-derived polysaccharide found in desert plants that protects cell membranes from extreme moisture loss, reviving softness and comfort
    • Allantoin | soothing molecule from Comfrey Root calms and reduces signs of redness
  • How to use:

    To effectively use Clean & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to gently dissolve away eye makeup for sensitive eyes: saturate a round cotton pad and hold over eyes for 10-15 seconds to melt eye makeup. Wipe gently. Rinse eyes with lukewarm water, if desired.

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