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Glycolic Serum 15%

Glycolic Serum 15%


Because glycolic is the smallest molecules of all AHAs it travels deep into pores, clearing away blocked oil and cells that contribute to blackheads & closed comedones. 

  • Who should use it:

    Glycolic Serum 15% works particularly well for younger clients with oily skin and clogged pores.

  • Why you need it:

    This time release formula has the right percentage of pore clearing glycolic acid. Too aggresive formulas increase inflamation and the propensity for breakouts.  Our Glycolic Serum leaves skin clear and fresh with more even coloring and a smoother texture.

  • How to use it:

    Apply at night on clean skin. May be used nightly or just a couple times a week for more sensitive skin. Wait one minut before applying other serums or moisturizers. Works especially well on oily skin with First Light Lotion.

  • Star Ingredients:

    • Glycolic Acid - dissolves the glue that sticks old, worn-out cells to the skin's surface and within the pores, as it boosts cell metabolism to help the skin to repair itself.
    • Whole Leaf Aloe Vera - This non-drying base provides healing nutrients for the skin.
  • Ingredient List:

    Distilled Water,Aloe Vera Gel,Glycolic Acid,Glycerine,Hydroxyethylcellulose,Vitamin B-5,Allantoin,Grapefruit Extract,Tetrasodium EDTA.

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