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Bioflavonoid Toning Mist

Bioflavonoid Toning Mist


This soothing Vitamin C rich toner is for oily to combination skin types.  It features lemon bioflavonoids to reduce signs of redness and sun damaged while gently completing the cleansing process.   

  • Who needs it:

    Those deficient in Vitamin C often have redness and broken capillaries. Bioflavonoids in vitamin C help strengthen capillaqry walls, reducing redness and increasing hydration.

  • Why you need it:

    Capillary walls tend to weaken over time.  Getting ahead of caplliary leakage now makes your skin stronger for the future. Bioflavonoid Toner by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics is an alcohol-free toner that refreshes and removes impurities from combination skins that are prone to redness or breakouts. Rosacea-prone and reddened skin from past sun damage becomes more resilient, less red. A blend of citrus bioflavonoids and Vitamin C extract helps reduce post-breakout stains and even the complexion. Large pores will be visibly reduced. Complete the cleansing process and hydrate and restore your natural pH with one of our best-selling toners.

  • What's inside:

    • Lemon Bioflavonoids - a component attached to the rind of citrus fruits that has been shown to improve the permeability of capillaries in the skin, thus reducing redness
    • Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate - a time-released version of Vitamin C that aids in healing and lightening post-breakout marks.
  • How to use:

    First spriz over the face.  Then saturate a cotton pad and swipe over the skin to remove irritating impurities left on your skin like flouride and chlorine found in tap water. 

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