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NOTICE: When puchasing a physical gift card the email you receive should only be taken as a conformation that we recieved your order. You cannot download this card. Please let us know which address you would like your physical gift card to be mailed to and any message you wish to include.


This is a physical gift card that will be mailed or hand delivered to your home.  

When we send you the gift card it will contain the gift card # needed to redeem this Gift Card.

This number is like cash and should not be shared.  Keep it in a safe place.

The recipient of this gift card will be instructed to go to: LONGEVITY'S Gift Certificate Site

to redeem their gift certificate.  You can also press the Gift Card picture in the upper left corner of our homepage to get to the Gift Card site.


Click here if you prefer to order a digital gift card and email it to that special person.

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