LightStim for Wrinkles
LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way that plants absorb light energy from the sun. The device emits UV-free, beneficial light to the skin and then converts it into energy. Designed with LEDs (think tiny computer chips encased in glass), this at-home light therapy device uses rejuvenating wavelengths to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase blood circulation and treat acne. The result? Nourished skin from within that’s packed with radiance.  LightStim for Wrinkles provides rejuvenating wavelengths of light energy to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Over time by using this LED light you can help to recapture a plump, youthful appearance.

LightStim for Wrinkles

  • Anyone who is interested in going that extra mile for anti-aging results.  LightStim increases ATP the energy molecule in your skin cells that energizes repair cells, like fibroblasts to go into repair mode.  With Lightstim, over time you can expect firmer, plumper skin and a softening of lines.  This is not a quick fix.  LightStim users must be patient and consistant with use and to expect changes to occur over a matter of weeks.

  • You can use LightStim any time of the day, but I recommend using it at night before bed.  A complete treatment takes a little over 20 minutes.  If pressed for time you can choose to concentrate it on one area of most concern.  I use it on my neck.  On a freshly cleansed or toned skin you can apply a clear repair serum such as Brightening Peptide Serum or Stem Stim.  These are not only amazing repair serums but they both contain high performing antioxidants which are recommended when using LED light.

    A typical treatment usually consists of seven key sections.  3 minutes each section.  You can adjust this treatment to meet your personal needs:

    • The Forehead (1)
    • Upper Cheeks (2)
    • The Lower Cheeks (2)
    • The Neck (2)

    Follow this treatment with a cooling spritz from your toner.  Then apply an anti-aging serum such as AGELESS or Revitalize Cell Therapy.  Finish with a neck cream and a moisturizer for your skin type.

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