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Clear Comfort Masque

Clear Comfort Masque


Clear Comfort Masque by Elizabeth Renee is an anti-bacterial and pore clearing mask made for clearing, healing and hydrating sensitive problem skin.  It will not make problem skin worse by irritating or over drying the skin. Instead, it reduces surface cells to allow the pores to detoxify.  Typical acne products not only irritate the but can impact hardened oil and impurities that make pore clearing more difficult. Using the right proportions of tea tree, licorice root and BHAs is the key to getting effective pore clearing while you help heal and calm inflamed problem blemishes.

  • Who needs it:

    For stressed, acne-prone skin Clear Comfort purifies the skin by dissolving dead surface cells that clog the pores. Cools heat and redness and encourages skin healing. An intensely hydrating treatment masque.

  • Why you need it:

    Your sensitive problem skin needs time and the right healing ingredients to calm the redness and inflamation while dealing with the acne breakouts.

  • What's inside:

    • Chinese Licorice - ultra-soothing extract that interrupts the biochemical cascade that leads to redness and discomfort. 
    • Meadowsweet - organic source of salicylic acid, dermatologist-tested and found to strengthen the skin’s natural defense system to maintain the balance of a healthy skin flora.  It also gently exfoliates away dead cells.
    • New Zealand and Australian Tea Tree oils - work quickly to balance hostile flora deep within pores to help heal blemishes without causing irritation.
  • How to use:

    On a freshly cleansed and toned skin use a masque brush to gently apply a layer of Clear Comfort Masque.  Leave on for 10-15 minutes.  This masque does not dry. Remove with a luke warm wet cloth.  Follow with toner and treatment products.

  • Ingredient Listing:

    Water (base), pentylene glycol (emollient), betaine salicylate (exfoliating BHA), panthenol (hydrating), aminomethyl propanol (pH adjuster), carbomer (gelling agent), trehalose (hydrating), spiraea ulmaria extract (pore purifying), 4-terpineol (pore purifying), leptospermum scoparium oil (pore purifying essential oil), licorice (glycyrrhiza inflata) root extract (soothing), sodium hyaluronate (hydrating), allantoin (soothing), ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner), isoceteth-20 (solubilizer), butylene glycol (hydrating).

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