Time to Chill

A client asked me the other day about using cold for anti-aging purposes. Should she start using ice on her face or will a rose quartz roller suffice. Is it even good for the skin? We've used cold therapy in our spa for years in the form of cold masks, ice globes, rose quartz rollers and cold ion facial tools. I continue to use a rose quartz roller at home, but lately I haven't really given as much thought as I probably should about the power of cold therapy as I am no longer performing facials. This question motivated me to hit the books and update my research to decide whether we should be using cold therapy at home.



At LONGEVITY we offer a great depuffing gel that clients use as part of their morning routine. This drains lymph which has accumulated around the eyes over night. Our Anti-Puff Gel has Hesperidin which decreases capillary permeability to reduce redness and puffiness; Dipeptide which reduces water retention; and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide for firmness and reducing inflammation.

Anti-Puff Gel works best when it is cold. So, clients would put their gel in the fridge overnight and roll the cold glass container gently over their skin after applying the serum. This approach works well but I have replaced running down to the fridge with using the above rose quartz roller. The roller always feels cold and the smaller end fits perfectly under the eyes. Now I’ve even gone a step further. I purchased a mini fridge to store in my bathroom and chill my roller, making it even colder.


The lymph system is a backup to your circulatory system to detoxify and remove waste and impurities that accumulate in your skin. Gentle lymphatic drainage massage helps remove these toxins as well as taking down inflammation and promoting healing. Your lymph vessels don’t have muscles to push toxins along. They rely on gravity and movement to do their work. This type of massage must be gentle and work in the same direction as the lymph vessels to be effective. Cold helps the process by contracting lymph vessels and expediting their detoxifying effect. This treatment is great for acne as well as anti-aging. Remember to do this on freshly cleansed and toned skin.