Focus On Sensitivity

When your skin reacts to everything, no product line seems right for addressing this problem.  Your skin may be over reactive because your blood vessels and nerve endings are particularly close to the surface of the skin.  You may have rosacea or be allergy prone.  Often there is a digestion problem.  Your microbiome might be out of balance which shows up on your skin as inflammation. For this special type of skin you need to calm inflammation first. Ditch the retinols and acids in your skincare routine (at least for now) and focus on creating homeostasis.  A healthy balance for your skin.

Rosemary Cleanser
This lightweight cleansing milk draws heat out of the skin by bringing circulation into balance.
Stress Recovery Toning Mist
Created to release heat from blood vessels then gently coaxing them back into balance.
Sunrise Solution
Superfood inhibit free radicals that lead to inflammation, dryness, aging and age spots.
Seawhip Soothing Lotion
Limits adverse stress reactions as it targets stress‐related aging, dehydration and skin sensitivity.
Gentle Screen
Zinc oxide based broad spectrum sunscreen protects without creating excess heat in the skin.
The Pink Cream
The gentlest humectant rich hydration cream. Soothes even the driest, most dehydrated skin.
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