Focus on Problem Breakouts

Where to begin?  There are many types of acne.  If you have severe cystic acne you may need medical advice.  But, if you have a combination blackheads, whiteheads, inflamed pustules and blemishes that come to a head here is a place you might want to start.  These recommendations are for thicker skin that is prone to acne.  Calming inflammation is a major concern because acne is a disease of inflammation.  Check out our Skin Types page to determine what category you fall in. These are my initial recommendations.  You can always book a skincare consultation for more specific recommendations.

Jojoba Beads
Salicylic acid banishes bacteria as jojoba beads clear away clogging surface skin cells.
Clarifying Tonic
This pore clearing and antibacterial toner swipes away surface residue without drying the skin.
Clear Skin Solution
This clear skin spot treatment not only works to clear blemishes but reduces potential breakouts.
First Light Lotion
This mattifying moisture lotion provides niacinamide to promote healing for problem skin.
Blemish Buster
This PM spot treatment works especially well on larger inflamed problem pustules.
Clear Comfort Masque
This healing, antibacterial acne clearing mask calms and soothes skin back into balance.
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