Focus on Oily Skin

There is an upside and a downside to having oily skin.  Oily skin is producing more protective oils than most to keep your skin hydrated and protected.  That may not seem like an advantage right now, but as time marches on, your parched, dry skin friends get even drier which invites the signs of aging sooner. Meanwhile, your skin will tend to look younger, longer.  Still oily skin clients  often overcompensate for their extra layer of lipids. Over drying your skin creates skin that looks thick and dull and gets clogged much more easily. That is why you must consider how you can keep moisture in your cells without resorting to heavy creams that clog the pores.  This will reduce the chance of breakouts while removing a reasonable amount of oil to keep skin feeling fresh.  Too strong oil dissolving detergents in your skincare will only act to ramp up oil production. This is why many oily skin clients end up with even oilier but dull,dehydrated skin.

Beautiful Skin for Life