Focus on Lines & Wrinkles

Ah, the dreaded lines and wrinkles we all experience to some degree as we age.  The best approach is to avoid them all together with sunscreen, sun avoidance and protective clothing. Wrinkles form from an accumulation of environmental and internal damage.  From the sun's ultraviolet rays which damages the DNA of our cells; to toxins in pollution that accumulate in our skin (even from the off gassing from chemicals embedded in the paint on your walls and the carpet in your home); Stress which causes elevated levels of cortisol that breaks down skin supporting collagen; and an inflammatory diet consisting of too many starches and sugar and an overconsumption of meat protein as well as the non-food foods we eat.  There are also mechanical dents that happen from habitual expressions that lead to lines being etched on your face (like scrunching up your face when you lay on your pillow at night). Lifestyle choices are vitally important for staving off wrinkles, but don't despair, feeding your skin, calming inflammation and conditioning your skin properly  to keep it moist and smooth)can soften and even prevent those dreaded lines. Here are the top most efficacious products for the management of lines and wrinkles

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