Focus On Clogged Pores

Are clogged pores your personal bugaboo?  You don't really have acne, but blackheads, white bumps and milia are another story.  Clogged pores are the result of dead cells and viscous sebum building up in the pores with no visible means of escape.  This is either due to thick, sticky sebum (oil) in your pores that gets oxidized (in the case of blackheads) or layers of dead skin cells covering the pore's opening (whiteheads or milia). Your skin needs to focus on exfoliation to give that pore laden debris an escape route.  Plus, you need ingredients that will break apart the clogged oil. This is where professional extractions are greatly beneficial. Also, you need to eliminate ingredients that add to pore clogging, and foods that change the consistency of the oil (dairy). Ingredients that jump start cell turnover are vital, so that when new cells rise up to the surface they push off the older keratinized cells that stand as a barrier to natural detoxification.

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