Focus on an Aging Neck

Aging can take on many forms.  One of the most aggravating is the aging neck.  This is most often caused by the effect gravity has on your neck skin which leaves it loose and flabby.  Also, a huge cause is extreme sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen on the neck is often ignored. A sun damaged neck will not only have more wrinkles but a rough texture, uneven pigmentation and permanently dilated blood vessels. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can increase deep wrinkles on a neck that was scrunched up every night for eight hours. The same is true from constantly talking on your cell phone with your neck bent down which also scrunches up the skin. A sudden loss of weight will cause loose neck skin.  Even the cryotherapy you had to melt neck fat and a double chin.  You may have gotten rid of the extra fat but now you are left with loose "turkey neck" skin.  While nothing short of a neck lift will completely correct these problems, tightening and reconditioning skin texture will make a noticeable improvement.

Best Products for an Aging Neck

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