problem / sensitive breakouts

Your sensitive skin is prone to inflamed hormonal breakouts, usually in the lower portions of the face. Most acne regimes are not formulated to meet the needs of this skin type. They only serve to irritate and further instigate more breakouts. Your focus should be on calming inflammation first.  Reduce redness and bacteria by paying attention to dietary triggers.  Pay attention to your digestive system.  There may be foods that you have trouble digesting.  Common problems stem from dairy, wheat or sugar.  Everyone is different, so you may need time to keep track of the foods and discover the culprits.  Leaky gut, or inflammation caused by certain foods starts a chain reaction that can be felt by the whole body. This can effect the population of microbes on your skin, particularly p-acne bacteria and yeast.  Effective home care will provide a gentler regime including an antibacterial masque created just for rosacea-prone or acne-prone skin that is red, dehydrated and uncomfortable. The goal of these products is to calm and ease redness, purify the pores, increase hydration, and boost skin’s own healing defenses.
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