problem / clogged pores

This type of skin has many non-inflamed clogged pores ie. blackheads and closed comedones (milia). You don't really get a lot of inflamed blemishes.  Maybe, just a one or two a month.  Your skin may feel either oily or dry. Dry feeling skin with clogged pores has a lot to do with dehydration from over drying products, too much sun, or wearing makeup that's clogging your pores.  Also common is forgetting to remover your makeup at night. In any case the sebum in your pores needs to be softening for effective extractions. Hydrating products are often overlooked, but as the skin becomes more keratinized (hardened) it’s becomes even more difficult to clean. Gentle, regular exfoliation is needed, both on the skin’s surface as well as deep in the pores.  Glycolic Acid, with its small molecular structure, is the deepest penetrating AHA and will work the best for unclogging your pores.  Combine this with an exfoliating scrub with varying sized particles to improve its effectiveness. Detoxifying charcoal based masks can also be helpful for drawing out impurities.
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