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You have wonderfully healthy, balanced skin.  This is an important time to create a skincare routine that will keep your skin as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  With the right care you'll have wonderfully beautiful skin throughout all the stages of your life. Stay away from products that are not suited for your skin type.  Just because your friend likes a product does not mean that it will work well for you.  Focus on external factors that effect the health of your skin. That means eating real foods like fruits and veggies which provide powerful antioxidants hidden in the rich color pigments of those foods.  Staying away from too much sugar which causes aging inflammation and invites acne bacteria to grow on the skin's surface.  Avoid the sun as it's a major cause of wrinkles, pigmentation and DNA damage to cells.  And, vitally important, move to coax your circulation to deliver nutrients to the cells of your skin.
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