normal / sensitive

You have normal skin but you have to pay attention to which products you choose to avoid that tight, stingy uncomfortable feeling you seem to get way too easily.  Choosing the right products can help.  Products that are too heavy or oily for your sensitive skin can hold heat in, increasing redness and chances of inflammation.  Products that are to strong (like detergents in foaming cleansers) will also make your skin turn red.  Especially if you are prone to rosacea, you must pay attention to triggers that are connected to lifestyle choices that could be causing your skin problems.  Things that bring about sensitivities include sudden heat or cold, alcohol (especially red wine), spicy foods, dairy, wheat and sugar.  Since everyone is different, try to keep track of potential triggers and remember them for the future.  This list of recommended products will help quell inflammation and get the heat out of your skin.  The ingredients we chose are particularly good with healing the skin and keeping it well hydrated - feeling fresh and comfortable.
Recommended Products for Your Skin Type:

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