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We all have maturing skin, but if you don't hav additional problems to deal with, you may just want to focus on anti-aging practices to keep your skin looking as young as possible - for as long as possible.  Put a lot of focus on lifestyle.  Are you moving enough?  Circulation that feeds the skin is dependent on movement so get out there and move.  Research suggests that movement also turns on longevity genes.  Eat your fruits and veggies.  They contain important antioxidants to protect you from internal free radical damage that contributes to aging.  Choose products that boost your longevity genes.  Regular exfoliation sends a message for skin cells to regenerate and replace old, worn out cells.  Focus on gold standards:  Retinol, Vitamin C and sunscreen for anti-aging.  The growth factor properties from exosomes are recently studied and approved anti-aging ingredients that have a special affinity for stimulating your own stem cells to repair and replace important components, so your skin starts acting like a younger version of itself.
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