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Annoyed by dullness, unevenness, discoloration and spotty pigmentation?  Your skin needs consistent, gradual and gentle treatments to correct these issues - and a lot of patience. It took years in the sun to accumulate this type of damage.  Hormonal changes helped contribute to unwanted pigmentation in deeper layers, which is harder to treat.  Breakouts can leave you with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Even your diet of sugar and charged proteins adds to the accumulation of AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which can result in spotty pigmentation on your face. Treatment may work for a while.  Then, when you go back out in the sun it triggers a memory for darker, pigmented cells to rise up to the surface and show themselves again. Don't despair. This routine uses ingredients that gradually fade dark spots while calming inflammation.  It helps boost a more even tone and while improving skin's radiance.

First Light Therapy
With Azelaic Acid to brighten age spots, uneven pigmentation and post blemish marks.
First Light Lotion
Calms and energizes to initiate fading of uneven pigmentation and soften brown spots.
C & E Antioxidant Serum
Vitamin C's melanin inhibitors reinforce sunscreen's efficacy to reduce pigmentation from sun damage.
Level Up
As it repairs and reorganizes cell layers retinol speeds up the pushing off of old pigmented cells.
Brightening Peptide Serum
Botanical brighteners gently reduce pigmentation and its causes as peptides reinforce skin firmness.
Gentle Screen
#1 in your anti-aging arsenal. 30 SPF, broad spectrum, does double duty as your moisturizer.
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